Stance Larry Johnson
Stance Larry Johnson $16.00
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Stance Lola
Stance Lola $20.00
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Stance Shawn Kemp
Stance Shawn Kemp $16.00
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Stance Sherra
Stance Sherra $12.00
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Stance The Don
Stance The Don $12.00
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Womens Stance Nettie
Womens Stance Nettie $12.00
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Womens Stance Paramount
Womens Stance Paramount $10.00
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Womens Stance Sharky
Womens Stance Sharky $15.00
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Womens Stance Shellback
Womens Stance Shellback $15.00
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Womens Stance Tropicana
Womens Stance Tropicana $12.00
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Womens Stance Wednesday
Womens Stance Wednesday $24.00
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Womens Stance Woodstock
Womens Stance Woodstock $10.00
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Pharrell Williams “Pass The Courvoisier” Live @...

April 15, 2014

Pharrell Williams “Pass The Courvoisier” Live @ Coachella Coachella has been known to push the limit in comparison to the other music festivals. Last year, they introduced 3-D virtual performances to the world by creating a hologram Tupac that performed in front of the gigantic crowd. With weekend one in the books, there have already been countless memorable performances that I’m kicking myself for not being there to witness. Check out this short snippet of Pharrel’s hour performance, where he brought out Busta Rhymes and Diddy to perform the classic joint “Pass The Courvoisier.” —@MatteyTheDude

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The Most Mesmerizing Skate Video of All Time. Kilian Martin:...

April 11, 2014

The Most Mesmerizing Skate Video of All Time. Kilian Martin: Altered Route When some one post a title as bold as I did you get very skeptical. Well don’t be. Its the god honest truth. This video is not the typical skate video its more of a dance. Footloose meets Thrashin.  Great music, will timed and placed edits and freestyle skateboarding tricks.  Check it out above and be the judge for yourself. @dckareem

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